Beep Beep Bloop Bloop Beep

I spent the last couple of days pounding out an APU for my glorious Emu-o-Tron and now have something worth posting about. I made use of XAudio2 through Slimdx for the output and that was all pretty straightforward. However actually generating the sound data was intense especially with my limited understanding of how sound works with all its wave lengths and frequencies and mixing channels, but after a lot of trial and error I got some excellent results

Mega Man III Intro
There are still a bunch of bugs in the sound generation channels will sometimes not mute themselves at the right time or their volume or frequency will be completely wrong, but I've noticed almost the entire Mega Man series is emulated perfectly. I also need to figure out how to filter out extremely high pitch notes that shatter my ear drums in a few tracks. Savestates don't currently keep track of the APUs state but I will add that once I have the APU set in stone. Also I fully intend to eventually allow for the playback of .nsf files, which doesn't look TOO hard. And finally to help me keep track of revisions I have started keep an up to date repo for my emu on my Google Code page, so if you have some desire to try out my latest changes you can download it there.