Emu All Night Long

After going almost two months without touching my Emulator in the slightest I for some reason decided to pick it up again, and ended up making a ton of changes. I switched from using SdlDotNet to the DirectX framework SlimDx which is just far better suited for the type of things I'm doing. In the process of switching graphics libraries I changed my emulator from being frame based to being scanline based which allows me to do split-screen horizontal scrolling, which almost every game out there uses, so that gave me a massive compatibility boost. Everything now runs at a much higher framerate now so it is really no longer a concern though if I were to add audio support it would probably be slow as ass again. I added the ability to use game genie codes just for fun and it is working pretty well. I did not touch my mappers since I last worked on it so right now it can only run mapper 0, 2, and 3 games, I coded support for mapper 1 but there is something really wrong with it and over half of the mapper 1 games won't even boot. The main reason I'm making this post is to show off what I just whipped up today in about an hour or two of boredom. I decided to give porting my Emu to Silverlight a go and it actually worked really well once I got my head around what Silverlight will and will not let me do, I've embedded it below it's framerate may be messed up and it could even crash but it's still pretty nifty.

Silverlight emu-o-tron
Controls: Q = Change rom, A = Select, S = Start, A = Z, X = B, Up = Up, Down = Down

I want to try adding the ability for it to run roms straight from my server but didn't feel like doing that right away. Also due to the way I re-did the graphics of the Emulator updating this Silverlight version to match the desktops emulation accuracy is as simple as copying and pasting one file, so I will try to keep it up to date.

Edit Quickly updated it today to load roms straight from the net, so no need to download any roms to test it.