I am Amazing

I have been working away on my emulator quite a bit lately and have recently made quite a break through. First off I rewrote the PPU completely, it is now probably a bit faster, the code is much much much better organized, and perhaps most importantly it now provides loopy based scrolling which is far more accurate. So now any game that doesn't work is pretty much down to mapper errors / omissions or it requires extremely precise timing (Battletoads), which is just plain awesome. I found and fixed a huge stupid insane typo in my APU code that has been in place since its inception which was completely breaking the APU in 70% of games. Though far from perfect the APU now produces recognizable audio in the majority of games. The pulse sweep units are doing something wrong and just don't sound quite right, the triangle channel does stupid things which I don't understand, and the DMC channel tends to introduce a fair bit of static, but it's good enough for me. I finally added the ability to toggle between PAL and NTSC emulation though my focus will remain on NTSC accuracy.

Adventure Island 3 first world play through

I put a copy of the latest binaries up here if you want to try it out. I'm not really sure what I will be working on next, I would like to add the VRC mappers which would add support for ~20 reasonably high quality games and it would be quite easy. I also of course want to improve the APU quality but I don't really know how to fix it right now and it would mostly be me just changing random parameters and then testing if it is any better. I am tempted to do a cycle accurate PPU but it would be quite finicky and not really add support for many new games. THAT'S ALL FOLKS.

Edit: Whaoaoaooaoaoaoao, so I was just playing around updating my Silverlight emulator to the newest version of my NESCore and I decided to give adding audio a try and somehow... I managed to actually do it. It may have some audio artifacts because I'm doing some very sloppy format conversions to get it playing but it seems to be working pretty freaken good. I have to run it on about a 50ms delay which isn't terrible but also isn't very good. You can scroll down the page to whichever post I made to unveil the damn thing if you want to try it out. I of course take no responsibility if it completely crashes your browser or blows your ear drums out.